At JapanLA, we are in love with all things adorable and inspired by the “cute culture” of L.A. and Japan. We started a boutique in 2006, on Melrose for adults like us, who refused to give up the kawaii things in life. Our love for “CUTE” has evolved into a lifestyle brand – hosting shopping tours to Japan, throwing themed parties, and curating art shows, including the ultimate kawaii girl dream-come-true, Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary and Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary.

Wanting to show the world you can combine fashion with cute characters, we launched JapanLA Clothing. Because if you love kittens, you should be able to wear them…frolicking…with ice cream…seriously. Partnering with ridiculously cute brands including Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Crowded Teeth, and tokidoki, our goal is to dress you up in cute and fashionable gear. Don’t just enjoy cute culture, be a part of it!